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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

watching me within and as the whole

Well, today i was sitting quitely and looked at how everything from the perspective of the physical, meaning the earth in particular, i can see that if one look at how things might have come to be as they are right now, and with this i mean, how from little particles everything came to be what they are right now, even when one is using the mind as an observer, one cannot escape the oneness and equality that the desteni people are talking about, because it is exactly that.

Lets say all started with one  of these particles or many coming together to form the earth and already were pre-programmed exactly how all should be expressing and has it's being, every little thing.......from the smallest to the biggest.

From all that all that is used is the stuff that the earth itself is made of from. And if we go a little further we can also see that the earth is made of all the matter that is existent in the whole of the universe, so every little thing and big thing in the universe is made out of this matter, no matter how they look, they are all made out of this matter.

So if all this matter is changing within itself to express certain expressions of itself in zillions of ways, one can clearly see, that all is then just an expression of this matter, which can be seen like an ocean of particles playing with the game of individuality within itself as itself. Seeing all this, one can readily see that one individual, and this is whatever that one thing might be, is just an expression of this matter, as and within the whole of the matter.

Now lets look at this problem we have accepted and allowed within ourselves when we are forgetfull of our wholeness, our equality and oneness as matter, this problem we have come to term: ''consciousness''  a.k.a. "mind''

So, if our equality and oneness, as matter as all there is is creating within and out of itself individual expressions of itself, why would there exist a thing called: ''mind'' for...??
Would that mind not be out of its place and completly unnecessary..???
Now we are living within a mind system and not only that, we have come to accept and allow it to be so amalgamated within our individual expressions of matter within matter, within existence that the mind system has now so-called power over the individual expressions, but not matter in  it's entirety, and exsistence in its entirety, otherwise death would have not been placed into existence as a backdoor to stop the madness of the individual expressions of matter as matter deluding themselves as being not one and equal with exsitence in its entirety, and thinking and believing, which are by the way factions or tools of this mind that they can literally destroy that thing that is their oneness and equality, using those tools inventing a lot of killing machines to destroy themselves actually.

But the problem we have is that we do not recognize nor realise our oneness and equality in every here moment of our expressions as individuality, especially still, right now under the expression called: ''human beings''

Lets see if we can stop this mind madness and start over again as being one with and equal to that which is matter an create anew, but this time as what we are, and not as what we think, believe, feel we are, but as what we actually are: oneness and equality as all as life here.

Thank you...

Larry Manuela

Saturday, 25 December 2010

The beginning of me as i know it.....

Hi everyone,

My name is Larry Alexander Manuela. I was born on an island in the Caribbean named: Bonaire. The year was 1972.

As a kid one could say, i was a usual ''normal'' kid, nothing out of the ordinairy was happening, only my older sister as was said in the believes of my people, that when a child is born into a sack(bag) they will have the ability to see spirits. So, on that perspective, it was so, so to speak, and my older sister indeed had that ability.

At home we had a family of 5; mother and father, 2 sisters and me.
At this moment the family is still whole, only the children are away in another country, which is here; Holland.

As i was saying, as a young boy i was usually normal, but at the same time, was i also one who wanted to be the best at things he wanted to do, whatever that might be. And so it turned out to be to. If what i did was something i loved, i would go for more then 100% to reach a certain level for myself, and due to my determination in being like this, it was seen, as if i wanted to be better then the rest, but at that stage even though if someone was better then me at whatever, i did feel some competition, but it really didn't bother me so much as making mewanting to be better then the other, it was more like, how far can i come when i perform at my best.

As a young boy, i was not fond of school, i didn't like school what is usual for most children when they are very young, they like playing more then studying whatever.

When in the 3rd and 4th grade i have choosen to do those two classes one more time each, because there was a girl, who was my neece, who i liked very much and so decided to stay a few years behind just so she can come and be with me in the same class, now on this island there are not so many children, maybe today there are more, but then, it was not so much children. So the posibility of going to the next class and be in the same class was 100 %

I must say to however, that at that time i did have some difficulty with math, but it wasn't really something that i could not handle.

So from that time on, and this was all in a boy-school as it was termed then, but that became an all inclusive school, only the name remained. Because in the old days, and that was when my father and mother were children, that they separated boys from girls. Boys and girls went to different schools that were especially purposefull for each group. So by the time we came to the seen, they started changing it, but it was still more boys at that school then there was girls there, one could count the girls whom were there at the school attending.

Anyway one thing that was certain then was my ability to ask questions, even though i did ask questions mostly on my own and look at things and wonder why and how and stuff, but it was all me and of course one being a small child, will not be persistent with all that questioning. But one could say, that i was a quite kid, observing things always and trying to find the reasons behind them. But it wasn't something like i was asking grown-ups questions and try to find answers, it was me alone questioning things within myself.

will be cotinuing next time..............

Sooo here we are again with the rest of the introduction.

When i was about 3 to 4 years of age, my parents were letting me stay at the farm with my grandmother, from my fathers side, and during that time i have learned a lot about working the soil the ways the people of the old days did it, even though i have to admit that i don't remember everything cristal

I will just stick to the basics otherwise the introduction is going to be to

So what i have learned when i was a kid staying at the farm with my grandmother was; to work the soil in a specific way, but always in accordence with the moon shifts, so everything had to be done when the moon was full, because, e.g. if you are going to plant whatever and you don't plant it when the moon is full, the harvest is not going to be that good as if you had plant it with a full moon. So these people, people of the island were doing everything that was related to nature, when the moon was full.....planting, cutting branches of trees, harvesting, if they had to kill a animal for food, that was also done with a full moon and also when to put a mark on the animals, and this was and/is done in a cruel way, they cut peaces of the animals ear and use some symbols, so they could know that, that particular group of animals is theirs. All this was done when the moon was full, because if not, the animal ear will not cure well or can also bleed longer. Anyway a lot of things that are based on natural stuff were done and are still done when the moon is full.

And it was during this period, when i was staying with my grandmother that i aquired some knowledge about the workings of nature as it was known on this particular island, but as i said, i don't remember these things very well.

You know what i find interesting.....??  i watched and noticed that people of the old days, seem to remember things they did better, then the generation that is their future generation. They remember all people by names, where they used lived, who were their families, what specifics a person did, and how they did it, how places used to look like,etc etc etc.......very interesting.

Now as i was in junior high, i wasn't much of the one who was ''doing it's best because he wanted to be the best'' or ''wanted to fullfill some dream in the future'' or ''do good today in school, because it will be beneficial for you in the near future''.......i wasn't interesting in these things, they seem silly to me. I didn't take all that as serious.

So at that particular time at this school i found out that there was not specific books for me to read, because we were getting assignments on reading books, but the books that were at the time in the librairy at this school were not of my interest, because i had big questions about life itself, so story books won't interest me, because they are not dealing with these questions.

Anyway a lot of time passed and eventually i got to come to Holland after finishing this junior high and wanted to become a '' captain of a ship'' i came here in Holland to study, but half way through i noticed that this study wasn't for me, because i thought at the time, that if i had a woman, it would not be o.k. to leave her all the time to be for a few month on the sea and then come back and do that thing back and forth. But also the studies was not of my liking, if i look back at all this, it was more like something i wanted to do because of me being an adventurer. But soon i stopped that and choose to do some course on how to build a ship instead of navigating them, and that one i did finished and did some work on that, but right now, that is not so anymore.

I found out throughout my life that i had done a lot of things, only from the perspective of survival. This means, that if something that i was doing felt out and it took to long for me to get on track with what i was doing, i just change direction and make a choice and do something completely diffirent.

When  i was here in Holland during my studying periods, i when i got out of all that, and was doing studying and working combined, i also started going on the ''wrong'' path, and ended up trafficking drugs into this land, and it was due to me at that particular time having some difficulty financially and so decided to take that road, but as many say; it is the easy way out, or easy money making,but to tell you the truth, it is not. It is not so easy as some may believe it is.
But eventually one day during one of my expeditions and coming back with the drugs, i got caught on the airport here and ended up going to jail.

As i was in jail i also learned a great deal about people and how they behave and stuff like that, and to tell you the truth, my expereince of being in jail was very meaningfull regarding my decision to how i stand in life and how i direct my life from that time frame onward.

In jail i learned, that the ''tough guys'' are not that tough, because they soon find out, that there is always someone who did something worse then what they did and is much more dangerous then

I also found out that i had the ability to influence people with just being me.
I could talk to people and made them think, and due to this, i had my advantages in jail, because people liked me because i can talk to them and say things to them that made some sense and also i could help them with some legal stuff, because i could understand the language better and so explain to them what it is they have to do or not......anyways, that was it a little bit.

And the worse moments during my staying in jail was, when my grandfather from my mother side died and i couldn't be there, and when my  ex-girlfriend told me after a lot of asking, that she slept with another man while i was in jail. And that thing hitt me hard at the time because, it was not even 2 months going through my inprisonment that she did that. That day i found out that people who tell you how much they love you and even show you in deeds that they love you so to speak, they don't really love you as it seems. But i decided to forgive her anyways, because i saw it as something i deserved to at the time, because when i was doing my drug trafficking stuff, i was also going to the whore-houses, so i thought what the heck....??........this is my punishment for

But eventually when i got out, and when i was in jail to i asked this ex-girlfriend of mine to bring me a book i had for a long time already but did not read it completely out so decided to do that all out, and that book was; ''a course in miracles''

Now i read that book and was very much so believing that the information given and the pratical application given could work, even though i was not doing them full out, because deep down it looked to complex, to scientific in a sense, and that didn't felt comfortable. But i hold on to the knowledge and information  about all that for a while and as i love asking questions, there were sentences that i doubted and also start looking if i encounter something that got my attention i would go deeper on that one particular point as was what i did a lot with these things, these informations. The moment i find something that gave me some lead that could bring me closer to a probable answer to what it is i am looking for, which i don't even know what it is, i hold on to it, till i find  something else that brought me deeper and closer to whatever answer i was looking for that i couldn't find.

So eventually i was reading a lot of stuff on all levels, trying to find reasons and purpose on why things are the way they are and how come they are the way they are, and why are we not understanding it all, what is going on.....???

so i went through alot of spiritual stuff, politics,esoteric stuff, channels,scientific informations,news, everything put together to see if i can find a match to see if i could understand it all. So in between all those searches i landed on some informations that got my attention and those were; information given by the channeler Ramtha, information of Krishnamurti, information of course in miracles, and informations of Wingmakers material.

On the informations of Krishnamurti and wingmakers i found out a few things very interesting. But i was always comparing the 4 mention sources with each other, but mostly Krishnamurti and wingmakers. 

Then Ramtha once was telling in his books that Anu and them had a lot to do with the creation of humanity and a lot of more stuff, but it was in the wingmakers materials that i first heard that Anu wanted to control that which was greater then him. And that sentence since then got my attention and to me that was a greatest thing, very profound, it seem like something no-one knew. 

Then one day in December of 2009 i was watching my videos on youtube and i came about a video where some girl was like breathing in and then out and then it seem as someone else took over her body and was speaking. Now to me that was not something strange because i was already acostumed to these kind of things, with all the channeling materials i read. But i watched the video where Anu was talking and where he is talking about him wanted to control that which is greater then him and as soon i heard that, i was caught at once and since then i am with these people and now walking, because all what they say makes perfect common sense.

So that was my little story and i will be writing more stuff here, but those will be on my process that i am right now doing, my process of stopping me first and then to apply myself in every moment of breath.

Thank you.

Larry Manuela