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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Defending separation.

Hi, i was looking at this particular point and saw that this is a major point in society as humanity.

All we ever defend is only our separation, nothing more and nothing less. And we, most of the times use words like: ''protection'' and ''private'' and ''secret'' for doing that, but it is just basically you defending your separation.

The moment you are participating in for example saying and truly believing that you are a Dutchmen, you are participating and allowing yourself to define yourself as separate of the very thing you are saying and believing you are. Now as you are believing that you are this Dutchmen it has it's consequences, because now the Dutchmen is not the American nor is it the Hindu or whatever, you brought a complete separation within your reality, your world when all this stupidity is not even necessary. We are all as human beings living here on ONE earth with some areas where there is dry land and now you have some stupid people who took these lands( by force) as if it is theirs and give it a name and start believing it is their land and give themselves names in relation to the name they gave the land, and everybody else who is not so-called born there after a period of time will be considered as outcasts. When the reality dictates that none are owners of that particular land at all, because the land was before any human. So who the heck is the human to come and rub a piece of land and than call it his land..??

Than we have this whole religion bullshit going on.

Apart of the major 4 religions and their little sprouts all over the place, none of these will ever come together and see that each participator is from the earth, this one earth, this one planet the only place you can be HUMAN and allot of other physical expressions that we may not even see with our physical eyes. But what do they do instead, they fight........endlessly...!!!  And the fight is about the interpretation of what they believe a book is telling them and also there is this fight between them in believing that the older the book the more trusted or the younger the book the more trusted....???   i mean WTF....!!!
So the whole fighting is about who is right in interpreting the
And meanwhile life is here as them as the human physical body which is of/as the earth, but none of them can see it, that we are equal and one in/as this.

Now we move to our dear ''traditions''

There are allot of people taking very serious their traditions, the things they used to do as a community in the past and are doing everything possible to maintain this, in order for it not to die as they die. So they imprint this on their children to continue with the traditions. Now if there were, and there are some traditions that can be implemented to suit the whole of humanity, who has some real value i can understand this then, but to go out of your way defending some stupid tradition, injecting sometimes large amounts of money in it,just to preserve it, is utterly stupid and totally absent of common sense.

Now we move to our next delusion which is Culture.

There is allot of talks going on around this topic or point these days, because of all the problems we are facing with different cultures mixing and not mixing in our human society. Now understand that everything where groups of people come together and at least are in agreement with one or the other idea based on believes carried by words is a form of culture. It can be your country, your specific work, your hobby' name it, all of that. and in all this you will have people trying to defend their particular culture they so-called belong to, but there is one culture that all of them seem to be blind of and deaf of, and that is the culture that is called: ''HUMANITY.'' None of the participants in all the little cultures all over the place will come and defend this culture like they do with their particular little culture where they believe themselves to so much ''belong to.''

Then we move to the one thing that is also a problem, a major problem in this world, and that is: ''politics''

We have allot of politicians now on this planet all over the place and all seem to use those nice and beautiful big words, but are all empty words really, because none is coming together and facing the reality that we have created here together and change it together as a whole. The very fact that one can choose between allot of politicians that belong to a particular party is already saying more than enough, that these people who are claiming to have your best interest at heart is not really a truth, because if it was so they should be working together and not against each other trying to fight or cancel or dismiss each others ideas, just because the other one belongs to the other party, showing to the society with living application how it is to live in inequality every fucking day that goes by. A waste of time really if you ask me...!! And society is so blind that they can't see the separation these people belonging to different parties are busy defending.

Now we move to the other delusion we call: ''family''

Now this one is a tough one, because it is very emotionally defended.
The moment you are doing whatever it takes to take care of your so-called: ''family'' you are excluding the rest that is also your family in flesh and blood, made of the same substance that is of and as the earth. This family design must come to a point of total renovation and total change, because as it is right now it is also one of the roots of all separation in this world, the group where every individual get educated or more literally where all get brainwashed to live separation and never to live as one and equals. Our system due to this, does not reflect our oneness and equality of beings of/as the earth at all.

And then to the last point i am addressing within this blog, which is: ''language''

There is so much importance within this language topic that people are fighting each other because of the great separation that exist within this destructive construct, that is purely based in utter confusion.

Because of our language barriers we seem to care less and less for each other and because of not being able to understand each other and also for accepting and allowing it as more or less important to one or the other, meaning; when one see one's language as of more importance than another language when in fact all are just the fabric of confusion so we can have some justification as to hate one another or discard one another for being stupid or not of importance and also to keep on carrying with being careless fuckers.


Larry Manuela

Monday, 22 August 2011

later circumstances.

As for the week that has just past i had my children visiting me for a few days.
They were very happy to see me and it was interesting for me to see how i was being self-honest when being with them and also how i would implement the whole one and equal practice.

I have noticed that when they don't listen to me and keep on hurting each other or trying to manipulate me in order for them to get something from me or so, and when they don't stop no matter what i say, that i was becoming a little angry, but when i notice myself going to get angry i just breathe and stay here in the moment and let it go.

I must say that doing this with my children is a hard work, because my children are very active, especially my son. He is active and wants to go on like

So as i decided that i was going to ask them that they have a choice and can call me like they want, they can call me by my name or they can continue calling me like they do now.
I explained to my daughter, she is 11 years old and can understand some more things, not very good, but she does understand more things, but my son who is 5 years old doesn't understand these things. He asked me but you are my dad, right...?? I said; yes.!! and then he said; so then i will call you ''papa'' because you are my dad, you are my father right..??

So i left it to that, it is their choice to in the matter. And i did use some words like ''manipulation'' with them, and explaining to them what that means, and when it is that someone is manipulating and they seem to get it, they understand it. Especially when they were trying to manipulate me in order to get something from me, and they do this allot, i would then immediately let them know that they are doing it, so they can see it to. The only sad part in all this matter is that i am not able to be with them all the time, in order to work with them on all these points together, children are great to work with, because they show you very clear where it is your not paying attention within yourself. So it is sad for me and sad for them, because with their mother they won't be able to learn these things, because the mother is very much brainwashed in the ways of this system, and this is not a blame, it is just how things are, this is the way we all are, what i mean with this sentence is, that she is not someone who is willing to see, understand and realize that she have to change herself within this world for things to change for herself and her children, she will continue doing her everyday things she does and that's it.

 Like for instance what most parents do, is they tell the children that if they do something ''good'' or their ''homework'' or whatever they will get something, a reward. Now this may look very innocent but it is not, because it is the parent manipulating the child to do something in order to get something out of him/her. Get him/her to do what the parent wants. And most parents when you tell them this, they will say: '' no it is just so they can know that in order to get something in this world you need to do something for it'' Now that is half of the truth, but the way they do it and the other reason behind it, and  that even the parents don't see, is just because they want the child to succeed in whatever they are wishing for their child.

Let me give an example:

Lets say the child is not doing well in school and you are going to tell the child, that if he/she raise his/her grades he/she is going to afterwards, gonna get to choose something fun he/she wants to do and then you give the child some so-called choices in what it is you are going to give him/her. Maybe go to the movies, or buy a toy that he/she wanted or whatever. Now the moment you do this, you are fucking the child up, why...??  Because you are teaching him/her how to manipulate,and you will use the words written in the paragraph above to justify your manipulation because that justification is half of the whole thing, the other half you will leave out, and even when it is pointed out to you, you will still defend yourself using only that one half as if that is the only reason, and only outcome, when it is obviously not. And i know the other half is hard to see if you are not being self-honest, and are not acting and behaving in a way that is best for all.

When i brought the children to their mother in Amsterdam, i talked to her about these points and she brought the thing up exactly what most already know, the point of respect, this is when i told her that i asked the children if it would be o.k. to call me by name or what they already are calling me, but was not of their own choice, but was forced so to speak in a gentle way, programmed into them. And i asked her, if that is equality if i as a parent drill something in my child without he/she having any choice in the matter whatsoever and decide to before hand that, that would be the point of the so-called: ''respect'' towards me the parent later on in his/her life is going to use against the child. But i as the parent will justify it saying : '' it is just a sweat calling name'' 

So the point of respect is the whole thing, but this respect thing is something the parent have a problem with and not the child, because the child is innocent and to him/her a name is just a name. It is who you are within your actions is what is important and not so much what you say. this point is a difficult point to see, when you are brainwashed from early on to accept everything without questioning and especially when it comes to the point of what you are doing is best for all or not...?? This is not the way any of us was raised, we were all raised in a way to always do what is best for yourself, never for the whole group. And with the whole group i mean: ''humanity''

No-one was brought-up with those principles lived as an example, to care for all as you would care for your so-called loved ones and yourself..??

I could see that my ex. was not paying attention to what i was saying, and i know why to. She thinks/believe that the thing i am saying are things i believe in, they are my believes, when they are not, she still can't understand that i don't live in believes anymore, but in what is HERE and using common sense to see just that, what is HERE and work with that into a best possible way not harming anyone or anything in my participation in this world. In other words, just be physical..! Now this sounds very easy, but it is not, and the only difficult part about it is; '' we have lived to much in our minds alone, and getting out of it, is the problem and making it seem difficult''


Larry Manuela


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The great thank you...!!

In this threat i want to thank all the people in this world.

First of all i thank the people at desteni for all they found out and all they have done and put on the network and are still doing and will never stop as long as they are here till  all the madness is done.

Also wanted to thank all the beings and expressions that has given and are giving their support in various ways and in most cases ways we are not even aware of, because of our participation in our minds.

I want to thank all the good and the bad, the rights and the wrongs, the positives and the negatives in this world for also supporting and assisting me and all to come to our real senses, and helping us for real to see what the heck it is we are doing to ourselves and each other and existence in it's entirety.

And i want to thank this wonderful physical world: '' the earth'' for showing me and all of us all our frailties and sufferings and so-called happiness and bring it to us in a way that we cannot deny our participation in it and as it, because we are the world, we are expressions of/as this world together with everything else that is this world, this existence, everything that is HERE, that is LIFE.

I want to thank me as the life-substance itself as for manifesting this delusion so we can truly face it, where it can be seen and experience so we never ever again create ourselves like this no more..!!

That is why i embrace all of me in this world so i can stop and put an end to this delusion of mind, of consciousness that i have accepted and allowed myself to become in order to give life back to life, the greatest and best gift ever i can give myself and others and life itself.

The art of giving is the greatest thing ever, just like life have been given to me, so i must give life back and in this eternal cycle of giving we will always have an input that is life that is equal in it's output that is also life.

The simplicity of common sense will rise, because of us giving back to ourselves this gift, that is life itself, to the point where it can't be denied anymore, where the only way will be to just live it, bringing us finally to the actual real point of living, where life manifest is equal and one with life not manifest and all is HERE as one and equal.

So thank you LIFE for always being HERE as all as one as equal even when i am in my delusion of not hearing you, of not seeing you, of not understanding you, of not being aware of you, but yet you still remained HERE with and as me and will be so till the day i am one and equal with and as you.


Larry Manuela

Monday, 8 August 2011

Taking the word ''papa'' out of my parenting.

Hi guys,

I have been looking at this word ''papa'' within myself and wanted to see why it is we teach our children that they have to call us using those words; ''papa'' or ''mama''.

I was chatting with a friend of mine and i told her, that i am going to talk to my ex. and let her know that from now on i am going to let my children address me or call me by my name and not ''papa'' as they do now.

My friend saw this as going to far, and bullshit.
Then the other day i was talking with my younger sister on the phone and i told her the same thing and she also had a problem with me doing that and said that it would not be fair for the children and especially now that i am not living with them in their house, because me and the mother got separated it would hurt them and such and such.

And i was telling my sister that the reason why i want to do that is not because so much of my children but more because of me, because of us being parents and not investigating and take a very closer look at what we imply with some words we use and what is all behind some words we use.

First of all we  as parents are the fuckers who brainwash the children from early on before they can even speak/talk we repeat these words to them over and over till they one day say them, and then we are happy, because our children has called us finally; '' mama'' and ''papa''

and after a while comes the fucked up, because now the parents who brainwashed the children in the first place are going to us those words AGAINST their own children for the purpose of the children showing them respect so they say. And this is the only point where i came to thus far as the reason why we as parents accept and allow such a thing  to exist within ourselves and also within our families and our world as a whole.

It is us the parents who has a problem with our children calling us by our real names given to us by our parents.
In my language my dad use to say, don't play with me,'' mi no ta bo pareu'' this means literally; 'i am not your equal'' implying that he is older thus must be respected because of that or because he is the father he must be respected by that and you should not call him by his name, but by the name they told you that is o.k. for you to call them, which would be ''mama''  or ''papa'' the names they brainwashed you from early on before you could even talk. It is like preparing you for later on for what they are going to accept or not about you related to their believes of what is respectful or not. and the whole sentence: '' if my child calls me by my first name he/she is disrespecting me'' is a BELIEVE...!!!

A believe that has become a tradition that by it's first rise was never questioned, everyone accepted it and use it as if it is o.k., but without looking at it that if that believe is supporting equality and oneness or not...??

The question is am i treating, am i acting in a way that is supporting life or am i showing my children by using this 'name calling stupidity' as equals.....??

By doing this, teaching our children to call us ''mama'' or ''papa''  we are really teaching them to accept a believe where we hold dear to that has nothing to do with equality and oneness at all, but more to do with our own fear in a believe that: ''if my child calls me by my name he/she is disrespecting me'' When you on the contrary is calling them by their names, but they can't do the same with you or towards you, because suddenly it is disrespectful, and is taking you down from your pedestal of the one that has the authority and power, the one who decides. But all this is just the fear of the parent, has nothing whatsoever at all to do with the child. The child could care less about a stupid naming, because the child is innocent.

And if anyone ask any parent, to why it is that their children has to call them ''mama'' and ''papa'' you would see that their answers would all be about this respect bullshit and about their fears.

So that it is why, because i can see that within myself that i have decided to let my children call me by my name, my first name which is: Larry.

And i know already that i am going to be attacked and resisted by those involved in all this stuff.

I will keep you updated as to how it all


Larry Manuela

Friday, 5 August 2011

An addendum on my promotion of desteni I process.

Hi guys,

In this writing i am going to address to you that  my previous blog where i promote the desteni I process is very limited in relation to what it should be, so that is the reason i am writing this here again about this early on writing i did.

I will not delete the previous one, because i want it to stand there as a example as how it should NOT

I am going to use my own words in explaining a little about how i am using the desteni tools and how i am understanding them thus far. For more deeply analysis i suggest one to go on the desteni website following this link to the FAQ and read more:

I will write about the tools here as i use as follows:

I start with self-forgiveness:

I use self-forgiveness as a tool to stop me in participating in thoughts, feelings and emotions that are NOT supporting and assisting life and that which is best for all. It is a form of deletion of what one have seen through being self-honest with oneself. It is a form of unveiling the layers of deception and manipulation etc. within oneself and one's world, one's reality.


Self-honesty i use also as a tool to recognize the patterns within me that are not supporting and assisting life equally and one, and this is me being honest with me, not towards another or towards something, but i bring all to self and from there i can handle and disengage in what it is i am accepting and allowing within myself and in so doing accepting and allowing within my world, my reality as a whole.

Common sense:

Common sense is what one can see directly without having to rely on knowledge and information, what is factual, what is immediate, what all who has eyes and can see, can see. I would say to see as innocence, to see the world inside oneself and outside as a small kid, where your questions are innocent but yet simple and may seem silly.
Let me give you some examples, because i know, i have been through this myself, it is a point where we as humanity have gone so deep into the rabbit hole so to speak that we can't even see the common sense anymore in reality, in what we do and what we do not do, in the way we live with each other and everything else.


1) If i am about to cross a road that is very busy with traffic, it would be common sense to watch for cars coming form both side of the road before i cross the road.
2) If war is to be stopped it would mean that in common sense that we do not war with each other anymore, and instigate and promote even anything whatsoever that could lead to us having wars.
3) If i would jump into a deep water without knowing how to swim i will most probably drown.
4) If i don't eat i will die.
5) If i can't breathe, i will suffocate and die eventually.
6) If i want to get somewhere in this world i have to move.
7) If i participate in destruction of my own planet either directly or in-directly, destruction will come to me and others as me.
8) If i am borrowing something it means that it is not mine but belongs to others, so if i am borrowing money in order to use it to survive i am accepting and allowing someone else to have survival itself as belonging and where i must subdue to whether he/she is going to lent it to me or not, when in truth we are all here as guest on this planet and nothing is really in fact ours, we can use some things that are here though to support and assist ourselves in living a peaceful way with what is already here as what everything is, without harming it nor ourselves.
9) If i say to my children i love them and yet i am accepting and allowing the world as it is right now, without taking any action at all in changing myself as who i am within this world as to an example as how to live as one and equals, the future of those same children  i am preaching that i love so much,would have not any meaning whatsoever.
10) If my daily participation in life is to give life so my output will be the same: life.

So there you have it, some examples on common sense, what we all can see, what is common to all of us, some may be a little bit difficult for some to see, especially point 8,9 and

Self corrective application(action):

This is when i apply myself in the corrective way, after i have done some self forgiveness on some points that i saw as patterns inside myself, this is the only way one can prove for oneself if one is living the actual real change in fact. Where one is seeing that one is being self-honest or self-dishonest.

Writing myself to freedom:

Within this application is where i will put my thoughts, emotions and feelings on paper in front of me so i can see and work with them more directly and deal with them and forgive myself on them. It is making them real in a sense, making them practical in a sense, because if i choose to try and deal with them in my mind, i will loose them so to speak, my mind will hide them for me and use them later on in some other moment, so i put them on paper and deal with them and see the patterns that belong to maybe just one thought, one feeling, one emotion.......and dismantle it immediately.


Breathing i use to bring myself HERE, to ground myself. Breathing is the way i will know for sure that i am HERE and is also the point where i can trust as life as being much closer and personal as possible to myself as myself. In order to practice this i use the 4 count breath method: Breathe-in..............infinite moment............breathe-out............pause...............then we start again.........breathe-in...........infinite moment...........breathe-out....pause....and so we continue, and we will see that when one is one and equal to the breathes one is then not participating in the mind.

With the in-breath one gather all of life so to speak and bring it in, and in the infinite moment is where one now see if there is any thought, emotions or feeling rising thoughts can come up in different forms as pictures, colors, sounds, words, symbols. And if that happens we start all anew again and again, and apply self forgiveness on each rising of thoughts, emotions and feelings till there is just silence within you and nothing moves. In the breathing out i am walking letting go of what i hold on to as thoughts, emotions and feelings and walk in silence as breath as life.

So there you have it, this is the way i use the desteni tools to stop myself in participating in self-dishonesty and where i abuse and harm myself and others as me and life itself as me.


Larry Manuela

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Promoting the desteni I process.

Hi guys,

As for today i am going to share with you not very much in detail but, more so in a general perspective
what we do, when we are taking the desteni i process, when we engage in this course, that is not so much as a course but will also and mainly be/become a way of living on and in itself.

At desteni we have found out or let's say some of the initial members have found out through extensive self-dedication and self-will to experience and ''see'' and investigate at first hand and directly what it is
i am about to share with you within this document or little article. for some of you, if you have ventured a little on the spiritual paths of this world some of the things i will share with you will seem with a particular familiarity, but i implore you to not judge them as the same as what you have heard before, because this is a complete other perspective and understand that we are not a religious movement of any sorts nor any new-age related believes or spiritual believes of any kind. In other words, we are just none religious, none spiritual, none new-age, none political, none mystical movement. We are just some group of people who come together because they have realized that in order for change to be real, you must live the change for real, not dream about it, or believe it, and one that is in the best interest of all participants, not just the individual or few individuals, but all individuals. Within this we will use whatever that is here already that can be lived to bring this to the  physical real practical living. And this point is where most people being against desteni are confused about, because of lack of information about desteni and what we really do and stand for, and hereby believe and perceive that what we are so-called: ''trying'' to do is nothing new.  And yes some things that we do talk about or some things we do apply in order to become more physical and practical are some things that were ''talked'' about in the form of knowledge and information already by others who did realize some things in this reality, but when it comes to making their realization practical for one and all, there we can already see in common sense in our world that it was all vanity, never lived by none practically. So even tho some may have said some profound things and may have gone through some profound  experiences none were able to bring it here, as an actual real practical solution to the world in large and as a whole. Because it was being seen and still is, as a form of a believe, as a form of knowledge and information.
What is new within desteni is the fact that Bernard and Sunette, in the context to what they experience with every breath at all times consistently and constantly is the fact what have never been in existence before in this reality. The oneness that is being promoted throughout the world within spirituality is not this oneness that Bernard and Sunette is living with and as one and equal with, within every breath of them being here. It is the oneness of the mind that the masters are experiencing and believing that it is the real oneness, not seeing at all that oneness cannot exist without equality they are like the wind and air. And in so doing they have found out that, that which is called: ''consciousness'' itself is the thing that is not real,the illusion, and you will see, if you have any spiritual and mystical knowledge that this point is also something that is being seen in reverse in this world, meaning: that those spiritual masters are all seeing the consciousness as the real thing and not what is here, and this consciousness is also in separation with all there is, even tho they may say some profound things about this: ''all there is.''

And with this said, i am not going to go through discussing more about this, because this is a topic that i cannot talk about with you because i am not there yet, so i cannot talk about things i don't know and/or experience myself as me as all as equal as one.

 So you see, that is why i had to write all that before i can engage in promoting the desteni I process.

Now so here we go:

We have realized within desteni that our mind is a system/program, that we have termed: ''the mind consciousness system''

This mind consciousness system is designed in 3 layers as:
1) the unconscious mind
2) the subconscious mind
3) the conscious mind

Now these have their movements in using; thoughts, feelings and emotions engrained within polarity.
The polarities that the mind is using are the three major ones: ''good/bad''...... ''right/wrong''....  ''positive/negative''

So what we are doing within the desteniIprocess course is to forgive ourselves those thoughts, feelings and emotions that are rooted in separation and polarity, and seem to have a life of their own, only because we are not the directing principle thereof.
We do this using the following tools:

1) Self-forgiveness
2) Common sense
3) Writing ourselves to freedom
4) Breathing
5) Self-honesty
6) Self-corrective application(action)

So if one wants to really be the change that is truly needed in this world, please do join us and lets do some real actual practical real physical work that benefits all equally, where none will be considered as less or more, but as equals, and we then have a real oneness in and as equality.


Larry Manuela