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Thursday, 21 April 2011

as it was today.

So as it is for today, as i promissed you yesterday, that i would talk to the woman at work and told her why i really didn't go to work the day before.

Well as it was for today, it didn't happened as i planned it.
They put me to work in another section where i did not have to opportunity to go to her.
But one thing i did do, was that i did say to the other colleagues when they asked where i was yesterday, i just told them that i was tired, so i decided to stay home.
And they just laughed, like they didn't believe me, or like: he must be crazy.

Sefl-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to assume that my colleagues thought that i must be crazy, because of me telling them that i stayed home, just because i was tired.
I forgive msyelf for accepting and allowing myself to plan the whole happening of me telling the woman at work why i didn't came in yesterday, because by plannning it i was giving permission to my mind to do so and in that manner use thought generation to provide futuristic outcomes, that have nothing to do with the actual moment of practical living.


Larry Manuela

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Not going to work today

Today i woke up and really didn't wanted to go to work, so i decided to not go to work today.
Now the problem with all this is the following:

I placed myself into a situation where i had to lie.
Now the lie was about me telling them that i cannot come in to work today, because i am feeling sick.
I was not sick at all, i was just tired and bored of the job and felt i needed a time out of at least a day.

So i lied.

Tomoorrow i will going back in, and i will talk to the woman i called to tell her why i really stayed at home.
Because of me knowing what i have to do, and knowing also that i did lie, so the corrective action would be to correct what i did in real physical living.
Tomorrow when i go back at work i will be talking and explaining the reason of why i did not appear on my job, no matter what.

Self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lie because of me having fear of loosing the only temporarely job that i have currently.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to lie to onter being as me.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not will myuself to say the truth of me when the moment presented itself.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect fear of me loosing my job to influence me to lie.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have taken a decision that implies self-interest, due to my fear of survival.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let myself be powerless in the faxce of my own fears.


I will tell you guys what happened after i talked to the woman at work that i called and lied about that i was sick, tomorrow.

Larry Manuela.

Friday, 15 April 2011

another usual day at work

today at work i was having a conversation with a few colleague of mine and i was trying to tell them about the monetary system.
Now there is two of the guys who does seem to understand a little but not much,they still don't get it.
I was trying to tell them, that the whole world is in debt and that no country is going to be saved, because we are the once who have accepted and allowed all this to be here as our experience together, so we also face our shit together, even though right now there are a few believing that just because they are in a safe position all is going to be allright, but it is not...!!!

There is this woman from the same area where i come from, but this woman is from another island, and i was talking to her about this, but she is the one who doesn't want to hear nothing in those kind of lines, as she puts it, because she is a Christian and christians ''believe'' in god and trying to do their best to be ''good.''
I was telling her, how much Christians there are on this planet and also how much muslims and so on......but she never lets me finish a sentence because she believes that what i am saying is craziness as she says.

So unfortunately she as me as all of us are going and some is already going through some very difficult times ahead, there is no stopping it, because it is the accumulation of what all of us together has created through time and so we must face what we have created together.

I just told her, that she will understand soon in this lifetime what i mean.

Self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel sad for the lady at work because of her not even wanting to hear what i have to say.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to also become a little frustrated because of me not being able to reach her.


Larry Manuela

Saturday, 9 April 2011

a day as in another day....

I went out today to do my grocery and when i got out and it was a sunny day of course, i noticed how people get all so-called happy, because the sun is out, on this part of the world when the sun is out people are very happy, because most of the year you don't get to see much sun.

Then as i was walking i just started to laugh on my own.
I found the whole thing, very funny, how a simple thing like the sunshine can change people moods and the way they behave, suddenly people are all acting nice, laughing, having some fun, sit on terraces acting as if all is o.k. Now they will spent some money much more easier, because it seems as if because there is more light they can see how much they are spending

But let's look at why people are so happy,when a simple sunlight is available.
Why does people looking in this part of the world for trying to have some fun, is their lives not fun, that they have to go out and look for it...??
Is their everyday living so boring that they are screaming in the inside for some entertainment...??
Our lives must be very boring if we are always looking for some fun.
But people don't realize this, they will always try to defend their boredom.

So where am i in all this boredom, i am on the same shit, the only different is, i can see it and i do say that my life is boring,because i know that what i am doing is not equal and one with life itself, if it was life would not be boring at all, life is everywhere and in  zillions of forms, but yet we don't see it, we don't realize it and we don't care, we are stupid fuckers, because we have our believes and intelligence that we consider much important then anything else, and it is all about us alone, the rest can drop dead as they say over here.

I find my life that i am living boring because i see we that i am doing the same thing over and over again and again and there is no freedom at all in me for example to do something that i would love to do, and even when you are doing something maybe that you like to do, there are limits within it. You only have so much of freedom within it, because most of the time it is about the money, money is behind it in some way or another.

Self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge others as me as to have a boring life as i have.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to to even let and will myself to define my life as being that which is of boredom.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect freedom with boredom.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define myself and my way of surviving with money.


Larry Manuela

Saturday, 2 April 2011

commentaries on newspaper ''het dagblad'' 30 March 2011

On the front page of this local newspaper is written that in just over a weeks time people have already donated € 40.000,00 to help a local professional soccer club out of financial difficulty, and of course all the  fans of this club will donate and those who have a feeling of them belonging to this city of Breda will also put some money to save the club.

I wonder how much the board of directors and managers at the club are being paid...???
I wonder if the people are wondering how it is that a soccer club can be loosing money, when all they do all the time is asking for money from the supporters...???

People will give money anyways, to save their club, as they will tell you but if you ask them to donate money to a group of people who are doing all that is possible to bring about an equal money system for example, these people will say no, because they will see it as a scam, or they will believe/think that an equal money system is not going to work, it is not possible. They will think that it will be a risk, to put their so-called money to build up something like that. But yet they also don't know if the money they are investing to save their club is really going to save their club, if their club has come in financial difficulty in this system as it right now, that clearly demonstrate again that it is not to be trusted, so what does that tell you.??  that there is no security in this system, that all you do all the time is gambling, and your gambling only with what you are brainwashed to like. You will give money only to those things you are brainwashed to like, and act as if it is very important meanwhile it is not at all. And what are the supporters really supporting when they're watching the game, they are supporting competition, they are supporting the winners and looser mentality and the rest of it that goes with it.

Now i am not saying don't this or don't do that, what i am saying is to put your money in things that are best for all life, in things that support all life and not things that are supporting factions of likes, wants and desires of some group. Because when you give your support to an equal money system, that will be your support as well as also the support for those you don't even know, and that you right at this moment don't give a fuck about how they live and how they suffer.
Put your money in something substantial, something that will bring about an equalization to all things so all things are equally valuable, where none are more or less but equal and one in value and worth.


Larry Manuela

Friday, 1 April 2011

another day as usual.....

At work today i was looking at the colleagues how all of them behave and also at their body language.

some were sitting outside and were smoking, and one can tell by the way they hold the cigarette and the way they talk to each other, how safe they believe they are just because they have steady jobs and have money coming in at the end of every month.

These kind of body languages are working on my nerves sometimes, because it shows clearly the attitude of;' i don't care i am safe anyways.'
And i just can't stand the way they are all being false, meaning they are all pretending to be nice, greeting each other, ask about the kids or give some compliments, but all that is just false, it is a lie.
Some are working their asses of just because they want to get in, they want the boss to like them and just maybe give them a chance to also become steady workers for the factory, so they will always give extra energy as is being said, just to be liked so they can get in. And those whom are striving to go higher, maybe reach a status of someone who call the shots, are always walking around and telling everyone how they should do this or that, when they themselves are not that good at doing it themselves, they are just trying to make those who are calling the shots to notice them and say: '' hmmm.........i think this one has some supervisor ability. And what i have noticed on the work-floor is also that, those who are supervisors are most of the time the one's who can care less, it only looks like they care when it is related to what can make some profit for the factory, and in this if you are good they will push you somewhere so the boss can make more money and because they are the one who pushed you in, they get promotion. It is all an act  at work, all just pure act, the only thing that they really care about is the money they have to get at the end of the month. And the second thing they care about at work is trying to make sure the boss is happy with them, because loosing their jobs is something they can't afford to live without.

So all in all the managers, supervisors and all who are on the higher wages, they will look nice and act nice to you only when they can see that you are making the factory they work for profit, and when you make a mistake they always talk about how much money that mistake costs them. But they will never talk about the profit you make for them, they will only say to you, that you are a good worker.

And the rest that are on lower wages within the factory and are working their through a third party are the one's who would love to go higher, to reach a point where they to could either get a steady job, or get to a higher income. And for this you will see jealousy, anger, frustration and allot of aggressiveness, due to the fear of getting send home, because this would mean; difficult times surviving and allot of financial difficulty.

In an equal money system these things will not exist, these kind of behaviors will not exist, because first of all the company will not be producing goods and services with the aim for making money, but because the product is truly needed in this world.

The factory workers will be those who really do this work because they give to their fellow men.
And in this the work is no longer work but your expression.

Self-forgiveness statements:

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to judge others as me.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to look at peoples body language and in so doing let that have an effect in me as to make me think that their body language and for what it presents, work on my nerves.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to connect the thought;'' they work on my nerves'' to a judgement of attitude; which is: '' i don't care, i am safe anyways.''


Larry Manuela