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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Promoting the equal money system

Now in this writing i am going to give you some perspectives on why we should as a whole, as humanity, accept and allow an equal money system to be here as a tool in the initial stages to ground us, so we can take care of ourselves and each other without any worrying and stress, when it comes to our basic needs. And when i say basic needs, i am talking about: food, clean water, decent housing, clean and comfortable clothing, health care, education.

Now these are the things all of us need in this world, no matter where you come from or who you belief yourself to be. Just because we are HERE, we are all entitled to live as having those needs taking care of equally.
As you can see in the world today and ever, there was never a time where we all had these things equally shared and provided for, when we all know that these are needs that we just should all have, nothing difficult about it at all, these are just basic means that we as humans need in order to survive in this world.

The difficulty that it was and has become even more and more with each passing generation is due to our ignorance of ourselves as life and our participation in our deluded mental constructs, within which we see ourselves as more than another or less than another. And regarding this we than adhere to our believes where we fervently take and take from each other and the planet as a whole, raping life from each other and also raping other life forms, that we do not even consider as life. We see them as just being here for us to take, or even worse yet; 'to abuse'

So at desteni we are proposing and suggesting we aim at and do whatever it takes, and when i say whatever i mean using one abilities and take them to politics and bring about the necessary changes that have to be done for this new economic system to become real practical for all of us.
This is the chance for all of those that has ever been neglected by god/the higher being/the almighty/the creator and his followers and believers to have and be given the respect just because they are here as life.

Something god himself, neither his believers could have done, and never ever considered.
I mean who could deny another life, a dignified life...???

What would the equal money system do..??

It is very simple. It is the actual living of Jesus message: ''To love thy neighbor as thyself''......'' to give to another as you yourself would like to receive'' .........'' don't do unto another what you don't want done unto you''.....................So we bring his message to life, we live it through the equal money system, we will put in practice the message of Jesus by just changing for real our monetary system of abuse and rape of life to one that is supportive and giving to life. Where none shall suffer, where none shall be seen as more or less, but where all are equal and one. We than have time on our hands to forgive ourselves and each other for all we have done to life in the name of profit and greed, in the name of capitalism, in the name of power.

There is no power more or less then the only power that can exist and that is the power of equality and oneness..!!! In another word and simply being: '' LIFE''

So please do consider and investigate the equal money system at:

The only reason the equal money is not here yet is just ''you''.


Larry Manuela