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Saturday, 25 February 2012

2012, Why am i Self-Responsible...?

Now for most people in this world this is very hard to grasp when one is speaking to someone or a group of people regarding us as humans specifically to be Self-responsible.
Especially when it comes to those occurrences/happenings that are atrocious and abusive and harmful in/to/towards  life as we understand it here on this planet as of right now. 
We tend to immediately  go into a defensive mode to justify the whole occurrences as it is not our place to do/ say something about it, let alone STOP and create another way of existing in our relationships within and as ourselves and within and as ourselves as the world at large so that none of these ''bad/negative/wrong'' things can occur or even exist.

The moment we are HERE on this planet as a living being, is reason and purpose enough for any and each participant to realize that this is where we are and this is our relationship to/towards where we are and we cannot have a relationship(s) that are destructive in anyways whatsoever, because it compromises our own individual existences in this reality and limit our own expressions as individuals and also that of all the rest of expressions of/as life to just express themselves as LIFE.

So let me bring it HERE to SELF as an example for you to grasp, how it is that i as being a participant HERE in this world, in this reality, on this planet makes me accountable for what happens to myself and all the others as self.

I can see starvation going on in this world, and when i see it i know by looking at it, that i would not like myself to be in a situation like that, so when i see that i, myself is unwilling to live that kind of life wherein i must starve, and yet it is HERE in this world where i am also in, it then becomes my responsibility to solve this problem of starvation, especially when i have investigated and see if the EARTH is producing enough food and water so each can eat and drink, it immediately makes me realize/see/understand that i must STOP this, even if no-one else is willing to walk with me in this...!!!

I can see WAR going on in this world and i know that i would not want myself nor the people i have a close relationship with be in a situation where they are being killed for whatever stupid reason, or just to be killed alone for the sake of finding a reason to do so is beyond insanity. So because i am HERE when this is happening on my watch so to speak, i am responsible for the outcome in all these situations of abuse to LIFE.

I can see that our participation within the current monetary system is one of slavery,one of abuse to others, one that promote and instigate separation, one that support limitation, one that support harm to LIFE, one that supports DEBT/SIN, one that support ownership to land and resources of the EARTH as if they are ours to own, when in fact in our arrival HERE, THEY were already HERE, one that supports competition, one that supports inequality, one that supports master and slave relationships, one that supports destruction to the planet, one that supports poisoning of the oceans and rivers and soil, one that supports mining the EARTH till there is nothing more left just to make more profit, one that supports an education that only is in favor of the system as to make money and survive, one that supports pornography, one that supports child labor, one that supports cheap labor, one that support labor in general that is not what is BEST for LIFE, ALL LIFE..........etc etc

So by just participating in the current system as it is, no matter how ''good'' we believe ourselves to be, we are participating in the opposite of what good is, which is ''bad''  and it is more then obvious, it is right in our faces on the television news, in the laws and rules and regulations we make, in just everything, in our very fabric of thoughts,feelings and emotions.

So to be SELF-Responsible is to be: '' the who am i, in what i do about what i see that are NOT what is best for all''


Larry Manuela

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