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Sunday, 4 March 2012

2012, Are We Getting Hornier..??

As a matter of fact when i look into this world and particularly in my own life i can see that this ''being horny'' is making more ground,meaning; 'it is becoming more and more visible within the youth and also within the adults in this world. When it comes to the youths nowadays they seem to be more open to engage into acceptances of this manifested form  of wanting/wishing/desiring sex.

In spirituality being horny is thought of  as being hungry for love.

So in spirituality it is all about the energy generation that one goes through when having sex, which is being named in this world with a positive connotation called: ''love''
When looked at it in this world in general it's  all about how two people can make one and another reach a point of orgasm, which will mean the release of the energy accumulation and compounded, created within and by the body itself, manipulated by and through the mind in order for the mind to have it's dose of energy to continue it's existence as a mind consciousness system within  the physical human body. It is your mind as the system within you that is requiring energy to exist not your body. When you are eating e.g. it is not really nourishing your body, but is more nourishing the system placements within your human physical body.

So when we are horny what we really want is, to lessen this energy built up within us to make it reach a point where it becomes to much and has to be released and this we call then: ''orgasm''

What we are not noticing and paying attention to is; Where is this energy going to..??
Because it is not going back to the body, if it was so, we would not be calling it a release, it would be an energy expansion, an energy that is being spread throughout the entire body, not for it to just climb all the way to your head and for you to scream: '' oh my god....!!!''   You see that...?? There you go,screaming the energy built up as it reaches and give to the god of your being which is your mind at the moment the necessary boost for it to continue deluding you with the wonderful thoughts/feelings/emotions you are so used to and that you have come to defined as the: '' who i am''

So as we can see people are having tons of sex in this world right now, they are even having solo-sex, which means masturbation, once again to please the mind and serve it with some more energy to keep those pictures coming, like drug addicts, that is what we are when it comes to sex, we are just addicted to it in the way it is being done and for the purpose it is being used for. And no-one is really looking into it, and seeing/realizing that there is something very wrong within all this,just because it  ''feels'' good. Everything related and connected to ''feeling good'' is accepted and allowed in this world without any question. Everyone is even aspiring and desiring to go through the experience of this ''feeling good.''When ''feeling good'' walks hand in hand with ''feeling bad'' they are twins, that don't look

So when are we going to share with our own bodies this energy that it creates for us...??  Or are we going to continue mining it till the last drop and becoming less and less of the body each passing day, the part of us that is really real...??

In order for us to reach this kind of energy sharing back to the creator which is our bodies, we have to do a lot of self-forgiveness on the load of pictures and images and words in the mind related to sex, and stay and be one and equal to/as the breath as you, and within this application support and assist the body to spread it's own energy creation so all parts in and as the body experience at the same time their own creation as themselves one and equal, and so you to, experience this real oneness and equality as the sharing of the energy creation of your own human physical body, as one as equal as yourself as your own body.

What i am noticing within my own direct environment/reality over here is that i can see that a lot of people especially young woman/girls are getting pregnant and are having lots of kids. The mind as ourselves is playing a big role in all this using our horny addiction to have more sex and  make the physical produce more humans, so it can continue mining for more energy from the physical for it's existence as a mind consciousness system.


Larry Manuela

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