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Saturday, 10 March 2012

2012, Why do we insist that Love is the answer to the world problems..??

As one can see, the LOVE delusion has taken major value shift, or should i say system value. It is NOT life value.
It is being promoted and seen and acknowledge as a very important thing, that men can have(this love) so men can be compassionate and caring. In another word the love is dependent on something else before it can be what it is, or be expressive as for what it implies within this world. 

Just because someone went through an experience where one was in love and the feeling was all nice and fluffy, one believes that, that is what the world needs in order for us to understand each other and come to a giving mode of actions towards our fellow human beings and many other beings without any constrains attach to it.

But let us have look at how this feeling of love really plays out in our everyday living on this planet, in this world, in this reality.

You have the kind of love that you encounter in two people feeling for one another where they built a relationship out of, and all this is always connected as some special feeling of love.
You have the kind of love where you have this feeling of love where it is only for your siblings, your mother/father and some other family members that are related to you from your mother and your father side.
You have the kind of love that is only for those special friends you have that agree with you on some points or many points.
You have the kind of love that you feel for some animal you have as pet.
You have the kind of love that you feel for the country you were born in.
You have the kind of love for the people specifically from that country where you were born into alone.
You have the kind of love where you have a special connotation to the language that you speak in the country you are born into.
You have the kind of love for the food that is being prepared in your country, by your people or your parents.
You have the kind of love where you are looking at the nature of your country and has a special feeling about it, that makes you believe/think that it is yours.
You have the kind of love for some genre of music you like and will give a lot of arguments about that specific music you have that you will term special again, because of the feeling you have to/towards that particular music.
You have the kind of love that is for the work of arts in this world and it will be so special to you that you will only deal with the people who can agree with you on how special this art is.
You have the kind of love for specific genre of movies that you have special feelings to/towards them and one more time find people who agree with you so you can all have this special feeling of love for the whole movie genre.
You have the kind of love where you see yourself as being so important then everybody else, because you have some higher degrees in some education and therefore it puts you in a position of value so you can feel all this special feeling of being special and loving this idea so much.
You have the kind of love where you have a special feeling to/towards your job, because it makes you feel so good when you are doing it and especially when you get paid.
You have the kind of love for going out and having a good time.
You have the kind of love for going on vacation and having a good feeling by traveling all over the place.
You have the kind of love where you help those people in need and it makes you feel so special because you believe that you are doing something about their situation, and it will give you a good position in heaven when you die.
You have the kind of love for your religion where you will defend it with all your might, that your religion is the best religion ever, even when you can see that your religion never brought about a world that is best for all, and not even made you realize that you have to change you and live the change, so the world can become a world that is best for all through all participants.
You have the kind of love that makes you feel so special about a specific sport.
You have the kind of love that is so special for some famous people that you don't even know at all who they really are, but just because you also dream of having a life like that you admire them and secretly be jealous of them. Now if you have a look at all this and you study within  yourself, you will see that the moment the love start to move away from those whom are close to you it starts to diminish in it's potency, it start to become less and has not that much impact on you and you will only say or do something about it, if it threatens your immediate love mates, your family members for instance. So this means that in your love there is a lot of fear to brewing beneath the surface, which should not be so, because love should be love one thing and not two thing in one thing, it cannot have a little bit of fear and a little bit of love, it should be full love, one thing.!!  No division at all..!!

Now i can continue with a lot of those kinds of love that people seem to have for whatever they do or believe. And this love is always special according to them, without realizing/seeing/understanding that this specialness implies in itself separation.This love is not ONE expression as one and equal as life,to the same understanding and same living conditions and respect to/for life as it should be. It is just a feeling a wonderful feeling that everybody is so mesmerized  with/by/through within their own minds. The reality however is that there is nothing special at all about it, because all the rest is saying that they also have this special feeling to/towards someone or something, and it should not even be something that involves specialness. The moment one does that, one has judged within oneself and find that someone or something has more value then another and so deserves to be special, in another word, someone or something has more valuable reason to deserve your feeling of love according to your estimates, because these are not certainties. Many of us have already gone through all kinds of levels of love where the love we felt was not constant and consistent and in circumstances where it was related to relationships in some form or another towards how our feeling of love have failed us dramatically, that should have risen a red flag immediately, but we are so brainwashed and consumed within this feeling of love, that we disregard any and all moments when we know for sure, that the feeling is not to be trusted, because it is based on a believe that one has,that the person one is with will also have the same feeling you are busy experiencing inside yourself, but you just never know for sure even though they may say it to you or even act in a way that looks like they may mean what they say. Because you had already experienced in your life or seen it in people around you how that could be manipulated and how you could fall for what appear to be real as what the person is telling you is true or not and if they truly mean what they say or if their action is a justifiable action or just another action to maintain your believe in them, that they are loving you, so they can continue sucking the energy out of you in whatever form it will turn out to be. To put it in one word it is just to fulfill  their ''selfish purposes.''

In your wants/needs/desires you can notice that you are always projecting them to/towards another. Meaning another must bring you to a point where you can have those feelings within you being experienced, so you become a slave to an outside source in the form of a person or a thing. When all the while the only one who is able to generate and go through the feeling of love is no-one but you yourself alone. It is you who is accepting and allowing the other to be like a catalyst in order for you to ignite within you your own feeling of love. So if you are the one generating the feeling within you, why is it that you are in need of an outside source..?? What is this craving for another for you to ignite the feeling you will experience of love within you alone. You are the one going through that feeling that you yourself generated using your mind. And understand you were perfectly alive before you generated that feeling, you didn't need it at all, maybe there was a wish in you for you to get to it, but it wasn't existent within you till you saw in that one particular person or thing that matched your preferences that you have accumulated throughout your life experience in this world and that you have stored as memory in your mind. So because the feeling of love was none existent within you before it manifested itself through yourself when you saw within the world outside of you someone or something that resembles that which you desire/wish/need/want, makes it an illusion of grandeur.

So bringing it to my heading, love is NOT and will never be a solution to the world problems, because it is a fleeting illusion that is not one and equal in all those who are feeling the love drug, it will remain a judgement for them on who and what they will love or love the most and so others will not be taking part in their love for lots of reasons,but mostly for those wonderful reasons that they will term: '' bad/wrong/negative.'' these are the reasons where love will be absent.


Larry Manuela

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  1. The only revolution is the psychological revolution. Not political, religious, or economic. And love is important, its the immeasurable that is the only way. The way and the end.

    1. Well Aditya, as you can see in this world with all the love promoters during all the generations that has gone past and are still here today doing the same, nothing has changed and as a matter of fact has become even worst. And there is nothing immeasurable about love at all, it is totally measurable in oneself and in the world at large, and there no revolution is going to take place but just a one man one vote election to bring about a world that is best for all, politics is the only peaceful way that can happen, but many fear politics because of the politicians of today scaring the young people away, those who can truly make a change very easy in a democratic way, without any revolution, and then we can work on the minds of men and their believes that never brought a change in themselves nor the world at large.