Saturday, 19 May 2012

2012, When Sex Is More Then Me.

When i look at my life and what i have managed to give into and sometimes even give up, just for a moment of pleasure as pleasure was the only thing i was seeking for as me understanding pleasure was a means to make the other ''feel'' love, the better i can make her feel as desirable and pleasurable,the more she will love me and open up and give more of these juicy life-splashing fun. I will write this for the woman and girls out there who will read this as when man approach you, for you to have an idea what most will be having in their minds, and for you to watch out for the ones you will like, especially those. That is what it is all about the ones you will like, we men are seeking mostly for the ones that will like us.

Let me go into an explanation as in how i was looking and how i was seeking within the female a way to satisfy my desire of experiencing sex in a more so called higher level, which meant in my understanding making sure the woman is wetly open to receive me as in physically so and mentally so, in order for the whole encounter to be optimum.

Lots of questions were raising through my mind as how i am going to prepare myself to be a guy not as many others when it comes to sex. How am i going to make sure that when i do it, it is perfect as in making sure i am not being fooled and told that it was great, when it was not.

So i developed a system through which i could find out for myself if i was being effective enough when engaging in the whole sexual encounter. I have asked and asked many women and listened to many documentaries and read many books to find out what the woman were missing and make lists of what they would like during a ''normal'' sexual encounter.

I have managed to watch them closely, their every move, the way they hold a cup, the way they move their hair,the way they laugh, the way they walk, the specific words they use in a sentence, how they behave alone and with their girlfriends, and when in company of men they are friends with, and men they like, what are the similarities in their body movement when they like men, how they crossed their legs when they are talking to a man they find attractive, what drinks they order, what kind of music they like and how they react to it, is it music one can dance on or music one just sing along. Within all this i even started to admire the female companion for her ability to show so much in her body and the way she moves with elegance, watch how they talk to you or anyone in different situations and different places and in what kind of company of people. I was going into the city and just sit somewhere and look at them shopping, just watching them, i spent lots and lots of hours studying them, the teenagers and the adults females. Then i read books on the female behaviors, both in working environment and when they are attracted to men.

After all this study, i study myself as to perfect myself with the tools i have on my body that i can use when i have managed to get one into having sex with me to use them, which are of course my hands, my mouths(lips and tongue) and of course my dick. I had to make sure that with these 3 things to be perfect in all 3 of them, so with every woman i will train myself, watch lots of sexual educational movies and also of course porn. And within the porn i was watching i preferred lesbian action, because of the sensitivity and the sensuality way of the movement and the whole little by little building up to the explosion. Most men will rely on their dicks most of the time, and those who like sucking will rely on it or have it as preference, but i needed to have all of the tools i can use to make sure that the moment is perfect so i can see the woman get completely horny and with all brakes loose, which was as very empowering to see how the female can get into such an exalted state of liberation and can be in it for a long time and every touch anywhere is like electricity to their fragile body, their silky smooth like skin.

Now lets move to how i did get them into having sex with me, when i know they like me.
As i talk to them,and i see they smile and they can't get their hands off of their hairs, and i deliberately lower my voice as for them to ask me: ''what did you say'' but this question will come out as in whisper, like please caress me with your voice in my ear, so i will do exactly that, my whole body movement will change, my voice low and within base making sure she don't get bored. I would ask them all those wonderful question they like to hear from someone they like, someone they are attractive to. I will ask them in this whisper voice for example: '' why am i so attractive to you..? Is it because of your beauty..?? Is it because you can't stop staring at me..?? what makes me so determine within me as i cannot stop myself to at least say one word that can assure me, that what i feel inside me is mutual..?? And i would just keep asking those questions, and the more they smile and come closer to listen and keep asking me what..?? the more i will ask these questions, because just because they already like me i will make them belief that they are the most perfect woman i have ever met and that they are all i ever wanted. And when my lips are so close to their ears, i will just give them a very light touch kiss and see how they will react, and within and at the moment i have done it, i will ask will say i am sorry for doing that, that it won't happen again, i just couldn't hold myself, but most will not answer and just smile and those that answer will say i don't mind, but their voice tonality will get lower and they will turn and look at me in my eyes with these eyes like telling me: ''please can you kiss my lips now, please''  And i will not hesitate, but i will not rush it, i will first caress their face like exploring it, like it is the most beautiful face i have ever seen in my whole life, and in that moment i am completely lost in this personality that teases, playing it smooth. Till i just hold their face in my both hands and kiss them with all the ''feeling'' i have been building up as in before getting to that one kiss, and i will make sure to work those lips teasing her little by little before i get into the whole french kissing scenario.

to be continued...loll..............................................


Larry Manuela

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